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«It motivates me to see that one's own organisation implements what it passes on to its customers»

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Hey Cédric, what do you do at Great Place to Work?

I am a data consultant. If that doesn't ring a bell: on the one hand, I support our project management with programming and evaluations, and on the other hand, I also carry out individual analyses for our customers. It is also important to me to derive practical insights from the data. Thanks to our numerous surveys, we have extreme potential in the area of data evaluation - and I would like to exploit this potential. For example, one of my analyses recently showed that the higher the level of trust in a workplace culture, the lower the absenteeism rate.

How and when did you join Great Place to Work?

I joined the Great Place to Work team in February 2020. As part of my Master's degree, I completed an internship in the field of industrial and organisational psychology and then started looking for a part-time position. As a complement to my studies, to see the theoretical in practice. When the team and I met, it was a great fit. I had a "great match", so to speak, at Great Place to Work ;).

And does the name of the company live up to its promise?

Absolutely. I have never experienced the balance of challenge and simultaneous flexibility that creates space for individual needs. It motivates me to see that one's own organisation implements what it passes on to its customers - and it's fun to see that it really works.


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What makes an employer a Great Place to Work for you?

I have to elaborate on this a bit. In my personal opinion, employers will be challenged even more in the future than they are now. Demographic change, the associated shortage of skilled workers, as well as the ongoing change and dynamisation of social priorities will become a challenge for employers in different ways. Against this backdrop, a Great Place to Work knows how to respond to the needs of employees, create trust across all levels and thereby bring stability and joy to the interaction at work. This strengthens the resilience of the organisation and thus ensures the sustainable existence of organisations, even in the face of difficult challenges.

A Great Place to Work has a lot to do with workplace culture. What does workplace culture mean to you?

Workplace cultures are as diverse as companies themselves. For me personally, workplace culture includes how people interact with each other in the company as well as how challenges and successes are handled. How do you deal with successes, but also failures? Only when such questions are asked, or these issues are reflected upon in the company and addressed across all levels, can a workplace culture emerge that is representative of all employees.

Why should companies address their workplace culture?

Because working on your workplace culture pays off and is worthwhile for everyone! Organisations that actively address the development of their workplace culture can create a win-win situation for all stakeholders. The specific reasons for this are many and varied, ranging from a better working environment, more fun and meaningful work, to 'hard' KPI's such as lower absenteeism rates, better performance or a higher Net Promoter Score.

What is your contribution to a better workplace culture?

My principle is: I help where I am needed. I have been able to put this into practice many times, both in teamwork and with clients. My strengths definitely lie in dealing with data. Accordingly, my greatest contribution is probably that I can complement the great experience of our project management team with a quantitative perspective through various analyses.

What makes you an expert in workplace culture?

As a data consultant, my expertise is of course based on the data I analyse. Through the projects with our clients and the perspectives I always gain on the topic of workplace culture. At the same time, I also have a background in occupational psychology and a great interest in statistical-analytical procedures. When I think about it, I think it's the mixture between data, experience and scientific background.

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