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«Workplace culture ensures that the cogs interlock and make it work»

LAD 1 blog 2

Hey Lorena, what do you do at Great Place to Work?

As part of the Marketing & Communications Team of Great Place to Work® Switzerland, I am responsible – together with Ben – for the content on our website, our brochures and posts on social media. This also includes our monthly newsletter and the planning of further content to keep our readers up to date with topics related to workplace culture. 

How and when did you come to Great Place to Work?

I joined Great Place to Work in February 2021. Previously, I worked in marketing for an international private bank for several years and was also able to breathe some start-up air in a proptech company. Through a mutual friend, I learned what Great Place to Work® does and they were looking for reinforcement in marketing. And since I am very interested in workplace culture, I contacted Ben without further ado. After an initial conversation, I got to know the rest of the team – and here I am. :)

And does the name of the company keep its promise? ;)

So far? Absolutely? I was already entrusted with own projects in the first few weeks and I learn something new every day. The team is super nice and involved me right from the start – which can be quite challenging, especially in the corona phase. It is extremely fun to work with such competent and motivated people who are all pursuing the same goal: Creating a Great Place to Work for All! 

LAD 2 blog 02 3

"In a Great Place to Work, people trust each other, are motivated and share the same values.
 Everyone works together and recognises their own contribution to the bigger picture."

What makes an employer a Great Place to Work for you?

When someone asks me how things are going at work, I don’t want to have to answer “quite alright”. Instead, I want to be able to say, “It’s going great! I’m working on this or that project right now” and then tell them about it enthusiastically. Because for me, a Great Place to Work is when you have fun at work and see purpose in your job. At a Great Place to Work, people trust each other, are motivated and share the same values. All employees have a voice and are encouraged to be actively involved. 

A Great Place to Work has a lot to do with workplace culture. What does workplace culture mean to you?

I imagine an organisation like a clockwork: Workplace culture ensures that the cogs interlock and “make it work”. For an organisation to be successful, it needs every single employee. Everyone works together and recognises their own contribution to the bigger picture. Of course, a positive atmosphere and a joke every now and then are not to be missed ;) 

Why should companies concern themselves with their workplace culture?

Ultimately, investing in a good workplace culture is beneficial for everyone. A great workplace culture is the foundation for happy, motivated and innovative employees, who enjoy coming to work and are also more likely to go the extra mile. 

What is your contribution to a better workplace culture?

It is my aspiration that every organisation deals with workplace culture, especially its own: Where do we stand? What are we already doing well and where could we do better? With interesting content on processes, learnings and best practices, I want to inspire organisations to actively work on their own workplace culture and realise the potential of being a Great Place to Work for All. 

What makes you an expert on workplace culture?

From the gastronomy sector to the insurance industry, from the rather traditional banking sector to the dynamic proptech start-up, I have come into contact with some very different industries and organisational cultures – and have been able to take away a lot accordingly. I know the pitifalls of everyday corporate life and where potential for improvement lies. I combine these experiences with my knowledge, our projects and studies and the insights of our data and thus create starting points for possible solutions. This way I learn a lot about organisational types and forms, (workplace) culture, change and HR management – which makes me an expert in workplace culture.

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