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5 Onboarding Best Practices for a better workplace culture

The two most central questions in recruitment are: "Does the employee fit the company?" and "Does the company fit the employee? Sure, both questions want to be answered with "Yes".

Sunrise: "We have a culture of trust, not a culture of control"

The joint development of corporate values puts the building blocks for a solid workplace culture in the right position. But the mere fact that the workplace culture is not based on a shaky framework does...

How New Work opens the silos

The physical presence at sessions used to be completely normal. Nowadays the connection via video is completely normal. This is a small example of change in the world of work, it faces far more challenges...

How Workshops Assemble the Puzzle Pieces of a Mind Set

In every company there is a mindset slumbering next to a workplace culture, carried by employees. To be more precise, a mindset is like a puzzle, and the employees are the pieces of the puzzle.

That's why a good workplace culture is needed for the digital transformation

When we speak of digital change, we do not only mean digital transformation, but also agility. Companies are challenged by rapid social, technical and economic developments.

"We don't throw anybody off board, but everyone has to jump up himself"

Dr. Giuseppe Santagada, CEO of Vebego, explains in an interview how the traditional company Vebego started the transformation to an agile mindset, why he has completely reassigned the management and what role the Vebego ambassadors...

A European Great Place to Work Award means employer branding across national borders

On 5 June, Europe's "Best Employers" were awarded in Stockholm. On the one hand, there were international companies based in Switzerland whose employees were also included in the survey.

"Two former apprentices are on the verge of becoming store managers."

If you cultivate a good workplace culture, you can fill your apprenticeship vacancies more easily - as Marco Monego, Chief Human Resources Officer at Lidl, also says.

That is why a good training culture helps to fill vacant apprenticeship positions

Apprenticeships are becoming more and more difficult to fill - and the trend is rising. It is not only small companies that have difficulties filling individual training places in vain.

Corporate culture as a strong driver for corporate success

"We love coming to work!" - Such statements are what employers would like to hear. But this feedback also shows that you have created a good working environment and thus a good workplace culture.

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