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Best practices for inspiration for more motivation - incl. checklist

 Motivated employees create greater added value - that is so far plausible. But how to motivate them is a different matter. There are books that say that the right benefits are crucial. Others say that it has to do with leadership quality. Neither one nor the other are completely wrong - because something very important for motivated employees is inspiration - or as a consequence, the creation of meaning.

Those who can inspire employees create a higher sense of purpose. These employees have internalized the mission and know what the common goal as an organization is. They are proud of the company's products and services and understand that their work is important for the success of the company and its influence on society. There are many ways in which companies can inspire their employees - we have selected three best practices:

The diversity tree at Hilti AG

In a workshop, Hilti's students built a diversity tree from chrome steel. This tree was placed in the entrance area, where employees would hang colored post-it's on which they could see how diversity was seen and what it meant to them. For example, one employee wrote that you start to think differently when you listen to someone with a different attitude. Or that the combination of different competences enriches everyday work. Or: The world is not just made up of people like me. This encouraged mutual understanding and inspired employees to try out new things.

Seeing the impact of Abbvie's work

At the pharmaceutical company Abbvie, every employee is encouraged to spend a day with a patient or a patient organization. In this way, they can understand a patient's daily problems - and see the positive impact of their work. Employees who had completed this day reported very personal and emotional moments that motivate them even more for their work.

The Kontiki trip from the customer's point of view

For Kontiki Reisen it is not only important to offer its customers an unforgettable journey. They also want their employees to develop a passion for the northern destinations. That is why they make it possible for their employees to go on a study trip to the north every year and a half. In this way, the employees experience a one-week trip and can experience the same experience as their customers. This not only helps quality assurance, but also creates new innovations through employee feedback. 

Five quick questions as a checklist:

The three best practices show how employees are motivated by inspiration. When implementing inspiration measures, it is worth answering the following questions:

  1. Does our organization have clear values and goals?
  2. How are corporate values, mission, vision and goals developed and shared with employees?
  3. Do the employees believe in it?
  4. Do the values, mission, vision and goals fit the workplace culture?
  5. How are these values lived by employees and managers in everyday life?

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