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How Workshops Assemble the Puzzle Pieces of a Mind Set

In every company there is a mindset slumbering next to a workplace culture, carried by employees. To be more precise, a mindset is like a puzzle, and the employees are the pieces of the puzzle. And the more pieces are in the right place, the clearer the picture becomes. Sometimes the right place is obvious. However, this is usually not the case - which is why Great Place to Work® helps to find the right place for employees with workshops. And to make the mindset complete with them. This also applies to our workshop with Colosseum Dental.

From service according to regulations to personal responsibility

Wanting to change a workplace culture without taking the mindset into account is like canoeing without a paddle: You can get ahead somehow, but the direction is anything but clear. It doesn't help if the captain keeps calling "backboard" or "steering board". The change of a workplace culture always requires an adjustment of the mindset. A mindset is a combination of the English word mind, i.e. brain, memory and set, i.e. attitude. Mindset can therefore be translated as Denkensart. And if you want to change this way of thinking, you need patience and a lot of trust: Anyone who has worked for 40 years with a service-accordance mindset will first have doubts and reservations about going to work with a new mindset. But it is helpful for the change if the employees work in a trust-based workplace culture and the managers and employees are equipped for the challenge of the mindset change.

Mindset Change professionally accompanied by Great Place to Work

In order to anchor new strategies and changes in the workplace culture, the new mindset must be lived by all employees. In our workshops, the Great Place to Work® consultants work with the staff of an organization to develop guidelines and behavioural anchors that can transport a new strategy, for example. As a result of such a workshop, each participant takes a practical measure for themselves and for the team and implements it in their daily work. Thus, step by step, the appropriate mindset for the change to one is created. In the process, common fears that have not yet been discussed become visible. In a workshop of the Colosseum Dental Group the CEO UK, Philip Buergin, gave the following feedback: "What did I learn today? Well, we are pleased to hear that we in the UK are not alone with our challenges. We see similar challenges and opportunities in every market - today we can share that know-how. That's fantastic."

Placing the puzzle pieces in the right place

Some of the Great Place to Work® workshops are based on the results of the Trust Index employee survey. All employees are asked about the workplace culture and then the strength of the trust-based workplace culture is assessed in an evidence-based process. At the workshop, the results of the trust index can then be discussed directly and the strengths and potential highlighted. Then individual topics are worked on in groups in such a way that a transformation becomes possible. Topics could be uncomplicated communication, reliability, error culture or cooperation. Employees playfully reflect on their perceptions and experiences, work on worksheets, discuss their thoughts and brainstorms in groups.
In the end there are always personal contributions and the commitments of the group, which they will change individually on the one hand and are prepared to tackle as a group on the other. Or as a Swedish Clinic Manager said at the Colosseum workshop: "I brought a puzzle because I wanted to show that every piece is unique and that not every piece fits everywhere. But every piece fits somewhere - and if all pieces are in the right place, we can work together". That's exactly how common mindsets come into being.

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