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5 Onboarding Best Practices for a better workplace culture

The two most central questions in recruitment are: "Does the employee fit the company?" and "Does the company fit the employee? Sure, both questions want to be answered with "Yes". But this requires good recruiting processes and then onboarding or integrating the new employees into the team.

We survey these processes by questioning the management perspective with the culture audit. This includes the nine dimensions of hiring & integrating, inspiring, informing, listening, acknowledging, developing, caring, celebrating and team spirit and involvement. We are happy to share here 5 best practices in hiring and integration that we have discovered in award-winning companies:

1. internal academy at the start of a job

Anyone starting a sales position at SAP Switzerland has the opportunity to participate in the SAP Academy. During nine months, the new sales people are trained in rotation in effective sales techniques and negotiation techniques. In order to start the sales career even more successfully, the new employees are also trained in business skills.

2. trial day for the Cultural Fit 

At Grünenthal Pharma AG / Protopharm AG / Proto Chemicals AG, all candidates in all positions receive a trial day. They get to know potential colleagues, get an insight into their future work and can experience the atmosphere of the workplace. At the end of the day, the HR department collects the impressions and opinions of the employees involved, on the basis of which a decision is then prepared.

3. Veto right to the team

The HR department manages and supports the recruitment process. However, the final decision is made by the line - with the support of HR. However, the team always has a veto right if it feels that the new person does not fit. This practice is in use at Scout 24.

4. Company Spirit Quiz

If you are interested in a job at H&M, you can play an online quiz before applying to find out whether you live the H&M spirit. Not only did the cultural fit of those who played the quiz become more visible, but the quality of the applicants also increased. And even if further tests for the fit are to follow, a first matching is already available.

5. More women in all areas thanks to "JUMP" and "DARE" program

Cisco Systems wanted to increase the number of female applicants at each level. That's why they developed the "JUMP" and "DARE" programs. "DARE" is an interactive one-day workshop designed to encourage and inspire women in the early stages of their careers. The workshop focuses on visibility, internal company policy and positive branding. "JUMP", on the other hand, is aimed at women with high potential in middle management. It is a nine-month program with three modules that focus on higher self-confidence, leadership quality and skills, and communication.

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