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That is why a good training culture helps to fill vacant apprenticeship positions

Apprenticeships are becoming more and more difficult to fill - and the trend is rising. It is not only small companies that have difficulties filling individual training places in vain. Even large and well-known companies, some with hundreds of apprenticeships open, are struggling. One reason is the changing needs of Generation Z, for whom a good training culture is one of the most important criteria when choosing a job. When it comes to analysing and developing a good training culture, the "Great Start!" approach has proven its worth.

Every seventh apprenticeship position cannot be filled

Finding apprentices is getting harder and harder. In 2018, for example, every seventh apprenticeship position could not be filled, as the figures from the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) show. This development also did not go unnoticed by entrepreneurs. In the meantime, specialised events and panel discussions have taken place to discuss the issue of the shortage of apprentices. What helps against the shortage of apprentices is a good training culture and the associated attractiveness as a training company.

Pleasant workplace culture the most important criterion for Generation Z

In order to understand today's learners and their needs, you first need to know who they are. They belong to the so-called Generation Z, i.e. to the people who were born after 1998. As a study by Triple A Team found out, they place meaningful activities above material prosperity and success. The desire for meaningful activity is also reflected in the desire to turn their hobby into a profession. In general, the working atmosphere is the most important criteria for Generation Z when choosing an employer. And in contrast to the previous generation, Generation Y, they want a strict separation of professional and private life. All in all, Generation Z would like to see an appreciative workplace culture in which they can develop and pursue meaningful activities.

What constitutes a good training culture

For a company to be perceived as an attractive training company, it not only needs good employer branding - it also needs satisfied apprentices. Because you can only communicate to the outside world what is lived internally. Satisfied learners are the basis for the positioning message. This is exactly where Great Place to Work comes in: With our "Great Start! survey" we record the satisfaction of the learners. Satisfaction is sometimes characterized by a culture of trust. Trust is made up of the dimensions of fairness, for example in remuneration, respect, for instance in dealing with one another, and credibility, i.e. the integrity and competence of managers. Satisfaction also includes the team spirit aspect in the company, i.e. that everyone pulls together. Pride is also an important aspect: pride in their work in the company, pride in the performance of their team or pride in the performance of the company.

Three steps to a better workplace culture

1. learner survey

With a questionnaire adapted to the needs of apprentices, we collect information on how the training culture is experienced individually. The 27 questions are designed to capture the five dimensions (fairness, respect, credibility, team spirit, pride) that make up a culture of trust. This provides companies with valuable feedback on the current state of the training culture.

2. survey of the management

In the second step, we use a questionnaire to record details of the training concept. In this questionnaire, personnel or training managers can document processes, concrete measures and tools. This is intended to complete the learner feedback and create a comprehensive picture of the existing training culture. This includes the nine areas Inspire, Inform, Listen, Recognize, Develop, Show Care, Celebrate, Participate, Hire and Integrate.

3. discover strengths and develop potentials

In joint workshops, our Culture Consultants enable companies to analyse and further develop their training concept based on the results. We also support companies in the internal and external communication of their certification.

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