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The "way to the top" of the Best Workplaces™ Switzerland ranking

The Best Workplaces™ Switzerland 2021 have all undoubtedly demonstrated the value of a trust-based workplace culture, leadership quality and innovation. Now, using a machine learning process, we have been able to identify 3 components for achieving a place "on top of the ranking". Find out from our data specialist Cédric Lüthi what the top 15% of the Best Workplaces™ Switzerland 2021 have in common and what role authenticity, balance and empowerment play.


We wanted to find out which are the key indicators for an outstanding ranking on the Best Workplaces™ Switzerland 2021 ranking. To do this, we used a machine learning algorithm* - more precisely, a regression tree and bagging - to analyse all the data we collected jointly.  The analysis showed that there are 3 prerequisites - irrespective of sector and organisational size - to make another step forward among the Best Workplaces™ and ultimately place oneself "on top of the ranking". These are:

*Regression trees are a statistical method for creating explanatory and predictive models - in our case, explaining the rank of an organisation in this year's Best Workplaces™ ranking based on all the data available. The strength of this methodology lies primarily in the fact that the results remain comprehensible and interpretable despite machine-learning procedures. In addition, we used bagging (bootstrap aggregating). This technique basically repeats the procedure - in our case 500 times - with a reduced sample and finally averages all partial results. This prevents outliers or special circumstances of an organisation from distorting the results and thus allows for a more robust statement.

1. Authenticity

The first component that lays the foundation for the "way to the top" is authenticity. People associate authenticity with sincerity, honesty and integrity. All three factors are highly relevant when it comes to building trust. Especially when, as in the present time, only few personal and direct interactions can take place. Accordingly, a culture of trust can only fully unfold throughout the organisation when even senior management sincerely embody the most important qualities of their own organisation.

Organisations in which employees rate the question "Top leaders embody the best qualities of our organisation" at least 4 out of 5 are in the top 50% of their category.

EN Authenticity

2. Balance

Work and private life influence each other and in turn contribute to each other's success. In order for employees to realise their full potential, it is essential that personal and family challenges can also be managed. Therefore, flexible working arrangements to facilitate work-life balance function not only as an instrumental framework, but also as an important sign of appreciation and support.

If, in addition to authenticity, an organisation also scores high in balance (more than 15 out of 25 points on the "Caring - Balancing" dimension in the Culture Audit™), it is among the top 30% in this year's ranking.

EN Authenticity + Balance + Empowerment

3. Empowerment

A Best Workplace™ understands how to attract talent and create an environment in which employees can continuously develop and grow. The basis for such an environment is a strong trust-based workplace culture. This not only reinforces the relationship between the organisations and their employees, but also the experience of competence and the personal responsibility of the employees themselves.

Data has shown that organisations whose employees also rate the statement "Managers trust employees to do a good job without constantly checking up on them" with at least 4.4 out of 5 points find themselves in the top 15% of their respective size category.

EN Authenticity Balance Empowerment

The Top 3 Best Workplaces™ in Switzerland 2021 have thus made it to the podium with a high degree of authenticity, balance and empowerment. In the following snippet from our Award Ceremony, you can hear our insights directly from our Data Specialist Cédric Lüthi:



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