First Certification, Then the Olympics!

The Best Workplaces are innovative, agile and have enthusiastic employees. And this makes them more successful. A culture based on trust is the key.
And now you're asking yourself: how can my company become one of the Best Workplaces?
The journey is the destination! Come with us on a mission to increase your company's performance through an intensely trust-based culture and exceptional workplace quality.
1. By carrying out the Trust Index employee survey and submitting the Culture Audit, you will receive basic certification as long as you pass the minimum threshold of 70%, giving you immediate visibility for your employer branding.
2. This basic certification automatically qualifies you for the 'Best Workplaces in Switzerland' competition.
Achieved your goal? Whether that's basic certification or even becoming one of the best! Wear it with pride, shout it out loud, make your brand strong and visible:
'We are a great place to work!'

Definition of Position

Analyse and compare your organisation's culture with those of the world's most successful companies. Our simple analyses highlight significant areas of development and provide efficient ways to optimise.

Better Workplace Culture
More Success for Your Business

The best employers boast stock profits of up to double the average. A trust-based workplace culture results in better financial success in a competitive environment.


Companies awarded titles by Great Place to Work® are able to position themselves on the market as  employers of choice.


Present your company as an organisation that values its employees and wins customers' attention and loyalty. We support your company in building a strong employer brand as well as in working on identified areas of action to further increase your business success.

How It Works

The Great Place to Work® certification process gives you important knowledge about the current state of your workplace culture. You also qualify for the 'Best Workplaces in Switzerland' competition.

Employee Survey

First, choose a 2-week window for us to carry out the employee survey in your company.

Culture Audit

At the same time, you provide us with information about your HR strategy and measures being implemented in your company.

Analyse Your Results

Great Place to Work® will give you a comprehensive evaluation and you will find out if you passed the minimum threshold of 70%.

Communicate Your Certification

If you fulfil the minimum criteria, it's time to celebrate! You can now use the basic certification 'Certified by Great Place to Work®' in your external communication.

Award Ceremony

Your company has qualified and will be automatically considered in the next 'Best Workplaces in Switzerland' competition.

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