Skilled workers are in great demand in our country. But apprenticeship places often go unfilled. We cannot simply overturn the aging population triangle overnight. So, what do you need to motivate young talents to come in your company? To put it simply: a unique certification based on your apprentices' own evaluations.
The title of 'Great Start' is awarded as part of a unique certification process that equally takes into account the presentation of the company's apprenticeship frame as well as feedback from apprentices. In their evaluations, Great Place to Work® Switzerland uses a set of methodical tools especially developed for this certification.

Apprentice Survey / Trust Index©

The certification is based on feedback from apprentices within the company.
Using a 27-questions survey, we establish how individuals experience the apprenticeship culture: professional support and personal perception as well as appreciation, respectful and fair treatment, team spirit and much more.

Apprenticeship frame

Just as important for a successful overall evaluation is the company's apprenticeship environment. The especially developed survey (detailed description of your apprenticeship frame) lets HR staff document specific measures, processes and tools.

Everything at a Glance

Apprenticeship culture in focus

Especially for young people, the HOW is just as important as the WHAT. The more someone feels accepted, valued and supported, the happier and more motivated they will be in their workplace.

Maximum credibility

What's so unique about this new certification: whether an organisation qualifies for an award or not significantly depends on a positive evaluation from their own apprentices.

Effective employer branding

Enthusiastic apprentices are the best brand ambassadors. A clear accolade and comprehensive presentation on our website will help to position you as an exceptional apprenticeship company in the long term.

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