① Prepare

We would be happy to show you the way so your company can become a great place to work! A strategy workshop with internal company stakeholders could be your first step!

② Quantify

To evaluate and establish the position of the workplace culture in your company, we can use a range of internationally tried and tested evaluation tools to ascertain employee perception of various success-related topics.

③ Understand

Now it's time for the first exciting job to begin: how can you analyse the results for your company and what does this mean for the future? What areas of action do we have and what impact will this have on the company's success?

④ Implement

And how can you apply your new knowledge in your company, how can you ensure long-term implementation of planned actions? Easy: take your employees with you on your journey towards becoming a great workplace!

⑤ Excel

You made it! Your company is a certified employer, well done!

You can be proud that your employees work in a workplace culture based on trust!


Wear this accolade proudly, shout it out loud, make your brand stronger and more visible: 'We are a great place to work!'

Bags Packed?

Ready for your journey towards becoming a Great Place to Work®? Our Culture Consultants will help you get there!
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