Trust Index Employee Survey

A Great Place to Work® Trust Index© employee survey offers you a comprehensive definition of the experienced quality and attractiveness of your company's workplace culture.
Survey structure:

  • 61 statements on experienced workplace culture, answered using a five-level scale.
  • Two additional open questions on the employer's experienced strengths and possible areas for improvement
  • Demographic questions (age, years of services, qualifications etc)
  • 58 of the 61 closed questions are international Great Place to Work® standard benchmarks, i.e. they are used by all Great Place to Work® institutes across the globe.

Time required around 15 minutes

The basic version is essential for taking part in the competition, but it can be expanded in individual cases. Within an individual employee survey and/or participation in a benchmark study "without competition", individual adjustments and expansions can be made to the survey. Great Place to Work® can provide additional questions on various topics from a comprehensive library of questions.

Trust Monitor

The Great Place to Work® Trust Monitor© is a compact tool used to survey employees on workplace culture and employer attractiveness

Survey structure:

  • 20 statements, answered using a five-level scale
  • 2 open questions and a demographic question

Time required around 8 minutes

All elements of the compact version are contained within the basic version. They are specific elements that are relevant to the topic of workplace culture and sufficiently cover the breadth of topics dealt with in the basic version.

The compact version is especially suited to providing a quick idea of the current atmosphere. It does not allow you to take part in the 'Best Workplaces in Switzerland' competition.

Culture Audit -
The Management Survey

The Great Place to Work® culture audit is split up into two parts and serves to summarise HR measures that promote an employee-orientated workplace culture. The first part of the culture audit gathers demographic information about staff as well as general information about the company, such as salaries for the largest staff groups and the number of hours spent on training.

In the second part of the culture audit, open questions are asked about the relevant aspects of HR work essential for a successful workplace culture. This part is integral to the evaluation of employer attractiveness. The company is given the chance to present internal measures in more detail. These questions relate to 9 dimensions of successful HR management that are based on the Great Place to Work® model and that are central to the evaluation. The evaluation also focuses on the way that a company integrates these dimensions into their HR measures and thus encourages a workplace culture.

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