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‘Best Workplaces in Switzerland’ awarded – 9 out of 10 employees are proud and happy in these companies!

Sensirion, dbi Services, Rackspace and Domicil Bern rank first in their categories. For the studies on workplace culture the Great Place to Work Institute asked more than 50,000 employees in the last 2 years on their perception. Fair pay, good perks and appreciation are the foundations of employee satisfaction. But to make sure an organisation is and remains attractive and successful in the future, you need more: At the ‘best workplaces’, there is confidence in management and business practices, which foster constructive collaboration rather than rivalry. And the work offers a sense of purpose.

The Great Place to Work® Institute declared the ‘Best Workplaces in Switzerland 2019’ on the 4th of April 2019 in Zurich. For the ranking all employees of the participating companies are asked anonymously for their opinion. Every organization with 20 or more employees is eligible to participate. Around 200 companies from Switzerland are working with Great Place to Work® to improve their workplace culture. Last year, 70 of them took all steps to compare themselves with the "Best Employers".

After Google and Cisco in recent years, Sensirion won for the first time among large companies. Among the 34 "Best Workplaces" are international companies such as DHL, LGT Bank, Hilti and Swiss companies such as Holle baby food, Schweizer Salinen AG and Klinik Gut from St. Moritz.

High salaries do not generate motivation - fairness and perspective are more important

The study’s results show what the foundations for a good workplace culture are: credibility, respect and appreciation, fairness (including pay) and camaraderie. Also very important is pride in the company and the work itself. 

There are large differences between companies in the perception of an appropriate salary (70% positive perception for excellent vs. 39% for unawarded organizations). What is striking is that the perceived fairness is more important than the absolute wage level. Even companies without high wages often achieve a better perception here than industries with above-average, but unfairly experienced wages.

"It is surprising but at the same time impressive to see how companies with lower wages create motivating working conditions thanks to fairness and good perspective for employees. In contrast, high salaries in an environment marked by envy and power struggles generate frustration and stagnation in many organizations," says Michael Hermann, CEO of Great Place to Work®

Innovation depends on communication and trust

But more is needed to awaken creativity, react quickly to change and inspire employees to make a special effort. The importance of meaningfulness and trust in the company is often underestimated. It is precisely these points that prove to be decisive for the special commitment of employees. They want to be involved in decisions so that they can carry them through with full commitment. And today it is increasingly important for employees to make a valuable contribution to society.

"We not only want to show the best performance at all times, it is also important to us that the focus is on people. After all, today's generation expects different things from their workplace than they used to. They want an exciting, progressive and supportive employer," says Christoph Loos, Managing Director of Hilti. 

Therefor management plays a crucial role. Among the awarded employers, 82% consider their managers to be competent. However, the Swiss average is only 50%. This shows how differently the working environment is experienced. For example, 88% of the excellent employers would recommend your company to others. However, the average recommendation rate in Switzerland is just 59%.

Only proud employees are good ambassadors of a company

Michael Hermann, CEO of Great Place to Work® in Switzerland, says: "At work, it's the same as in a relationship: If there is a lack of recognition and trust in the long term, commitment often diminishes and alternatives become more interesting”.

The excellent employers also manage to meet the employees’ expectations. After more than two years of service, satisfaction remains stable at 80%, while unqualified employers disappoint more and more employees and satisfaction drops to 59%.

Awarding the Best Workplaces in Switzerland

The ranking list is divided into small, medium and large organisations, as well as a category for health and social services.

The Top 3 by category is listed below. You can find the complete list here:

Company profiles with more detailed information and pictures can be found here: 

‘Best Workplaces in Switzerland 2019’ Ranking - Top 3 per Category

Large companies (250+ employees)
  • 1st place: Sensirion AG, Stäfa
  • 2nd place: DHL Express (Schweiz) AG, Basel
  • 3rd place: LGT Bank (Schweiz) AG, Basel

Medium-sized companies (50-249 employees)

  • 1st place: dbi services AG, Delémont
  • 2nd place: Mars Schweiz AG, Baar
  • 3rd place: Red Hat GmbH, Neuchâtel
Small companies (20-49 employees)
  • 1st place: Rackspace International GmbH, Zurich
  • 2nd place: SAS Institute AG, Wallisellen
  • 3rd place: Holle baby food AG, Riehen 

Health and social services

  • 1st place: Domicil Bern AG, Bern
  • 2nd place: Klinik Gut AG, St. Moritz
  • 3rd place: Senevita AG, Muri near Bern

XING Switzerland as partner of Great Place to Work® awards the special prize for "agile workplace culture" to Sensirion AG. In the age of “New Work”, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to be able to react flexibly and quickly to changes. Under the term "agile workplace culture", measures and processes were asked about how organizations are preparing for the increasingly digitized world of work.

 "Our goal is: Creating innovations and achieving great things. Our employees are prepared to go new and unconventional ways" says Marc von Waldkirch, CEO of Sensirion.

 Also on April 4, 2019, the Canton of Zurich - Fachstelle für Gleichstellung von Frau und Mann und Standortförderung – handed over the "Prix BalanceZH" for the fourth time as part of and in cooperation with the Great Place to Work® Awards. The assessments included the feedback of employees and employers. The prize is awarded to companies that are committed to reconciling professional and private life and make this possible with exemplary framework conditions, such as flexible working time models, generous offers for the care of children and relatives in need of care and alternating care.

The "Prix BalanceZH" winners are:

  • - Swisscom
  • - Liip AG
  • - Jacobs Foundation
  • - ewp AG
  • - Community of Bassersdorf 

About the Methodology

In distinction to other rankings, the results are based on an anonymous survey for all employees and a culture audit of personnel processes.

Over the past two years, Great Place to Work® Switzerland has surveyed over 50,000 employees in Switzerland. The percentages shown correspond to the positive approval of a topic. Participation in the competition is open to any organization. An award requires 20 or more employees and at least 7 out of 10 employees must give a positive assessment of the company. Companies that have not received an award are not listed.

About Great Place to Work® Switzerland AG

Great Place to Work® is a consultancy with branches in about 60 countries. Employee surveys and culture analyses form the basis of consulting work to help organisations become exceptional employers.

 Great Place to Work® carries out surveys in over 8’000 companies worldwide each year, making it the best-known and biggest initiative to improve workplace culture. As well as the annual announcement of the best workplaces and best workplaces for apprentices in Switzerland, workplace culture experts specialise in developing an authentic employer brands as well as the conceptualisation and implementation of consulting projects.

Great Place to Work® Switzerland was founded in Zurich in 2008. The national benchmark competition ‘Best Workplaces in Switzerland’ has been carried out each year since 2009 and involves companies of all sizes from all industries and regions. 


Great Place to Work Switzerland

Michael Hermann (CEO)

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