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Agility Assessment

Assessment of capability for agility and digital transformation 

The Agility Assessment analyzes how ready an organization is for agility and digital transformation. For this purpose, both the process and the culture perspective are analyzed with an employee survey. In total, 8 dimensions of agility are assessed and evaluated: mission & purpose, feedback & error culture, new leadership, new and disruptive thinking, agility and adaptability, networking and collective knowledge, digitization and innovation. Thereafter, in form of different workshops, the results of these 8 dimensions can be further explored, a common understanding and goal can be defined and measures can be developed.

Benefits of the Agility Assessment

  • Self-assessment of the capability for agility of employees and management and comparison of both perspectives
  • Identifying the capability for transformation and the dimensions of agility and digital transformation 
  • Development of a common understanding and a unified goal for the development to an agile company

Agility increases speed of growth and business success

Functional organizations are at the forefront of agility, organized by roles and competencies rather than titles or rank. Companies organize themselves in an agile way so that they can react faster to dynamic changes in the market. And this has a positive effect on business development: A study by the Boston Consulting Group found that agile companies are five times more likely to achieve above-average margins and show stronger growth than their peers. Through agility, organizations increase their effectiveness, promote transparency and create attractive development platforms for employees. 

8 dimensions of agility 

To develop a mindset, the commitment of the employees is needed. And because agile processes and culture influence each other, the development of an agile mindset takes into account both the cultural and the process perspective, each of which contains four dimensions. 

With a total of 55 questions on the 8 dimensions, we assess the status quo of the organization regarding agility and digital transformation.

Content of the 8 dimensions

EN Digital Transformation model

Process & Costs

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