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Great Place to Work® Certification

(20+ Employees)

What a Great Place to Work® is

"A Great Place to Work® is where you trust those you work for, take pride in what you do and enjoy working with others." - as Robert Levering, co-founder of Great Place to Work® once said.

The essence of a Great Place to Work® is trust. Only where employees trust their leaders and leaders trust their employees can the foundation for a Great Place to Work® be laid.

We have developed an evidence-based methodology that explains how trust, values, leadership qualities and maximizing the potential of all employees increases the innovation and value creation of organizations. Based on this methodology we certify companies as Great Place to Work®.

How to become a Great Place to Work®

In order to be certified as a Great Place to Work®, you need the employee survey, the Trust Index™, and the management survey, the Culture Audit™. If organizations meet 65% of the minimum criteria, they receive the Great Place to Work® certification, which is valid for one year. The certification is carried out on a monthly basis so that the certification can be communicated promptly after the presentation of the results.

After the certification

The categories for the "Best Workplaces in Switzerland" award are small companies with 20 to 49 employees, medium-sized companies with 50 to 249 employees and large companies with more than 250 employees. In addition, organizations from the health and social services sector are separately awarded among the "Best Workplaces in Switzerland".

Those who make it into the ranking of "Best Workplaces in Switzerland" automatically take part in the European competition of the best workplaces. There, the best national employers are compared and the best employers in Europe are awarded.

Ultimately, from the participants of Europe's Best Workplaces, the World's Best Workplaces will be awarded.

Why a certification is worth it

Strengthening the employer brand

With the Great Place to Work® certification, organizations increase their attractiveness as an employer both internally and externally. They show existing employees what they have in their employer. At the same time, Great Place to Work® certified organizations can position themselves in the market as top employers.

Situation analysis

Through the independent assessment of external experts, companies receive a situation analysis of their workplace culture compared to similarly sized organizations in the same industry. This enables our easy-to-understand analysis to highlight the main areas of development and an efficient way to optimize.

Better workplace culture and higher success in business

On the one hand, the certification helps to shape further measures for the further development of the workplace culture. Moreover, our research shows that Great Place to Work® certified organizations have stock gains twice to three times as high as average companies. A trust-based workplace culture increases value creation and strengthens innovation.


Whoever is awarded the Great Place to Work® certificate may and should present themselves as an excellent organization! A Great Place to Work® values its employees and an excellent workplace culture - this also increases customer attention and loyalty. We offer strong support in communicating the certification and help building a strong employer brand.

Great Place to Work® Certification Process

1. Planning phase

  • Creation of the project plan
  • Definition of internal stakeholders
  • Information on internal communication
  • Discussion of data protection & IT security

2. Conducting an employee survey (Trust Index™)

  • Selecting a 2-week window for employee survey
  • Sending the questionnaire to all employees (electronically or on paper)
  • Completion and return of the questionnaires

3. Conducting a management survey (Culture Audit™)

  • Runs parallel to the employee survey
  • Prior Culture Audit training for form and quality criteria
  • Information on the company, personnel strategy and HR measures

4. Analysis of the results

  • Statistical analysis of Trust Index™, including heatmap of the answers
  • Qualitative content analysis of the culture audit by two consultants
  • Presentation and reporting of the results
  • Information on whether a minimum score of 65% and thus certification has been achieved

5. Communication of the certification

  • Receive the certificate, logos and communication guidelines
  • Coordination of communication measures (company profile, social media post)
  • Further support with communication measures (media release)
  • Merchandise possibilities and examples

6. Award of the "Best Workplaces in Switzerland”

  • Automatic participation with a Great Place to Work® certification
  • Award Ceremony usually takes place in April / May of the following year
  • Additional communication measures (press release, blog posts, journalistic articles, social media posts)
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