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Great Start! Certification for training companies

Why Great Start!?

With Great Start! all apprentices are interviewed - this creates the most credible assessment for other young jobseekers. The Great Start! Certification offers a valuable and credible orientation for interested applicants. And lastly, organizations also receive clear feedback on their training culture, strengths and development potential.

The benefits of the Great Start! Certification for training companies

According to the Vocational Training Office, two thirds of all young people opt for basic vocational training every year. In order to position yourself as an attractive training company among the young people and to increase your visibility, certification as a Great Start! training company is well worth it. After all, apprentices who are proud of their training company are worth more than an expensive image campaign.

If a training company is Great Start! certified, this signals a training culture in which apprentices have fun at work, like to come to work and the supervisors are competent trainers. Many training companies do an excellent job of training young people and with the Great Start! certification this becomes visible. Training companies are certified on the basis of a survey of apprentices and the presentation of the company's training concept.

Survey of apprentices

The first part of the certification is the feedback from the learners in the company. With a total of 29 questions, we use a questionnaire to ascertain how the training culture is experienced individually. This includes professional development and personal perception, appreciation, respectful and fair treatment or lived team spirit. The questionnaire is based on the Trust Index® employee survey, but is adapted for apprentices.

Assessment of the company training concept

In the second part of the certification, the company training concept is assessed. In a questionnaire developed specifically for this purpose, personnel managers can document concrete measures, processes and tools that describe their training concept. The company training concept is based on the Culture Audit Management survey, but focuses exclusively on the training of apprentices.

Important to know

Participation in the certification procedure is open to any company in which at least 10 apprentices are trained.

In order to receive a certification, it is necessary to meet the defined minimum criterion in each survey (survey of apprentices & assessment of the company training concept).

The Great Start! certification is handed over after the process is completed. The certification is awarded monthly and is valid for one year.

Procedure of the Great Start! apprentice survey

1. Registration:

You register for the apprentice survey, we prepare the kickoff meeting.

2. Coordination / Administration:

In a kick-off meeting we go through the process together.

3. Internal communication:

 You inform your apprentices about the survey.

4. Training concept workshop:

What we expect from you in regard to the training concept will be taught in a separate workshop.

5. Survey of apprentices:

The apprentices fill out the questionnaire with the 29 questions.

6. Description of the training concept:

The people responsible describe the training concept.

7. Evaluation and report:

The survey of the apprentices and the assessment of the training concept are evaluated and documented in a report.

8. Presentation of the results:

Optionally, we also offer the presentation of your results on site.

9. Certification:

Publication of your Great Start! Certification on our social media profiles and launch of your Great Start! profile.

Assessment and evaluation

In order for your company to receive the Great Start! Certification, both the apprentice survey and the training concept must meet the predefined criteria of Great Place To Work®.

What the apprentices think of their training company and how they perceive it is important to us. They should be the ambassadors for the company. Therefore, at least 7 out of 10 apprentices must be satisfied with their training company.

The training concept will be assessed according to the following five evaluation criteria:

  1. Diversity of measures
  2. Originality of programs
  3. Inclusion of the apprentices
  4. Human touch
  5. Coherence and basic concept

 What we expect from you in regard to the training concept will be discussed in detail in a separate (if desired, individual) training.

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