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Reality-Expectation Check

What the Reality-Expectation Check is

The Reality-Expectation Check is a simple survey to determine what results can be expected from an employee survey. This creates a first tangible basis for a discussion of the development of workplace culture. Strengths and "blind spots" can also be identified in this way. For deeper insights and in order to identify sustainable development potential, an employee survey using the Trust-Index® is then necessary in order to also map the employee perspective.

The costs and effort involved remain manageable: an initial assessment of workplace culture using the Reality-Expectation Check costs CHF 1,900 for up to 15 people, with a time expenditure of 10-15 minutes per participant.

The benefit of the Reality-Expectation-Check

The Reality-Expectation Check can be used individually or as part of an employee survey. As a stand-alone product, it is very well suited as an entry-level product to obtain an initial assessment of the working culture of an organization without having to conduct a comprehensive employee survey. On the one hand, this allows the first signs of development potential to be identified, and on the other hand, organizations gain a practical insight into the methodology of Great Place to Work®.

The Reality-Expectation Check as part of an employee survey helps to set an internal benchmark. This benchmark can then be used to compare the results of the employee survey in order to check to what extent management's perception corresponds to the reality of the employees.



A Reality-Expectation Check costs for up to 15 persons: CHF 1'900.

Contents and procedure of the Reality-Expectation-Check

1. Delivery

Selected employees or managers of an organization receive an electronic questionnaire from Great Place to Work®.

2. Execution

On a scale from very low to very high, the participants can then give their assessment of the workplace culture. (The time required per participant is about 10-15 minutes)

3. Evaluation

Once the questionnaires are completed, they are returned to Great Place to Work® where a consultant evaluates the questionnaires and creates a report with the results.

4. Results-Presentation

The created report is then presented and discussed remotely or on-site at the company.

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