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The objective of the Train-the-Trainer-Workshop

The Train-the-Trainer-Workshop enables HR-Managers, executives or employees of an organization to become ambassadors for change towards a trust-based workplace culture. During half a day we deepen our understanding of the results of the Trust Index® employee survey, which provides the basis for discussions about the company's own workplace culture.

With the Train-the-Trainer-Workshop, participants receive a tool tailored to their needs to introduce and monitor further measures for a trust-based workplace culture in their organization.


To register for the Train-the-Trainer-Workshop, you need an already completed Trust Index® employee survey, as the workshop is based on its results.

Contents of the Train the Trainer Workshop

The workshop takes half a day and starts with the impact, building and using of trust in the workplace culture and a deeper insight into the structure of the Great Place to Work® Methodology.

Once these fundamentals have been developed, participants will be shown how to correctly read and interpret the results of the Trust Index®. The next step is then to discuss how the results can be communicated correctly and how this can lead to a lively discussion within the company and how the feedback of the employees can be understood.

The final step is to discuss how the respective teams or units can work out realistic measures together in order to use the results of the Trust Index® optimally for the further development of the workplace culture.


Trust in the context of workplace culture

Reference to the Great Place to Work® Methodology


How the results of the Trust Index® can be properly understood


How the results of the Trust Index® are correctly communicated


Activate discourse about trust and assess feedback correctly


Derive measures from the developed materials

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