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Trust Index™ Employee Survey

Determine the quality of the workplace culture

The Trust Index™ employee survey provides the basis for the analysis and further development of workplace culture. The Trust Index™ results make the workplace culture tangible and can thus be actively developed. The Trust Index™ is just as much part of the Great Place to Work® certification as the Culture Audit™.

Your benefits Employee survey Trust Index™

The Trust Index™ of Great Place to Work is an anonymous survey of all employees - including executives/management. It provides a clear and accurate picture of your workplace culture. Thanks to anonymity, employee feedback is honest and response rates are very high. This gives you an objective view of the current state of employee satisfaction with the important factors in your workplace culture, enabling you to identify and develop strengths and potential.

Survey Structure

The 5 dimensions of the trust model are collected with 75 questions in the questionnaire of the Trust Index™. These include:

66 Statements on the experienced workplace culture (evaluation through a five-level response scale)

2 multiple-choice questions on leadership effectiveness and innovation

6 demographic questions (e.g. age, gender, years of service etc.)

2 open questions on the strengths and possible areas of improvement of the employer

Trust as the foundation for high employee satisfaction

Creating a trust-based workplace culture provides the right environment for satisfied employees. Because even though the business world is constantly changing, people are still people, and trust is the key to positive exchange - especially between managers and employees. If credibility, respect and fairness are lived out in an organization, trust is created. This is the best way to develop team spirit and pride in one's own work. Without trust in leaders and colleagues, no effective and good cooperation can develop and pride in what is achieved together and as an organization is lost. That is why trust-based workplace cultures lead to faster development and better performance.

Dimensions in the Trust Index™ to measure trust

The questions of the Trust Index™ employee survey are divided into 5 dimensions: Credibility, respect, fairness, teamwork and pride. This is how the level of trust in the workplace culture is measured and the data basis for the analysis and further development of the workplace culture of organizations is created.


  • open communication
  • competent leadership
  • integrity in management


  • Support & Recognition
  • Cooperation with employees
  • Care & Balance


  • fair compensation
  • Equality - no favouritism
  • Fairness - no discrimination


  • Authenticity & intimacy
  • pleasant working environment
  • work together


  • on one's own activities
  • on the work of the team
  • on performance of the company
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