About Great Place to Work®

Our Mission

We believe that an outstanding workplace culture based on trust, values that are lived and leadership quality is beneficial to all employees. An excellent workplace culture enables each employee to develop his or her full potential, strengthen innovation and increase value creation.

We use our expertise to help organizations develop their workplace culture into an outstanding workplace culture - and thus create a Great Place to Work® for everyone.

Our methodology

With our methodology we explain what makes an organization a Great Place to Work®. We show why trust is the basis and to what extent leadership quality and lived values play a role. We also explain why employees are the focus of attention and why an excellent workplace culture also strengthens innovation and increases value creation.

With the Great Place to Work® For All model, we use an evidence-based methodology that takes into account the rapid development of the world of work in order to be successful as an organization.

Our team

Know-how and experience are needed to develop an excellent workplace culture.

The competencies of our experts for workplace culture range from organizational psychology to data analysis and consulting. But they all have one thing in common: their expertise in workplace culture.


Would you also like to become an expert in workplace culture? Then you will find all vacancies here for which you can apply.

We are open for spontaneous applications if there are no vacancies.


We're available to answer any questions, concerns or feedback you may have about Great Place to Work®, workplace culture or agility. You can reach us by phone, e-mail or contact form.

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