Our Mission

We believe that a trust-based workplace culture makes the decisive difference to the success of a company. We believe that where the workplace culture of an organization stands out and excels, it enables greater innovation and value creation. Because where employees work in a trust-based workplace culture, they are happier and more motivated.

We believe that trust is the key to an excellent workplace culture: an environment where both employees and managers trust each other. We believe that trust can be built through credibility, fairness, teamwork, respect and pride at work.

We believe in shaping workplace culture through lived values. That values are lived when they are supported by the strategy in organizations and vice versa. We are convinced that processes in companies can shape workplace culture. By inspiring, informing, listening, recognizing, developing, caring, celebrating, participating, hiring and integrating organizations.

We believe that the world is a better place when organizations actively engage with their workplace culture and create an atmosphere of trust.

And we are convinced that we can make this possible. Together with organizations, we develop excellent workplace cultures - this is our mission.

We analyse, measure and develop the workplace culture of our clients through our evidence-based methodology.

Thus the organizations receive:

Ensuring the future viability and sustainability of the business model
Identification and meaningfulness for each individual employee (and stakeholder)
employer recognition

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