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The Best Workplaces™ in Switzerland 2022

UMB AG, Spitex Malters and Alnylam are the Best Workplaces™ in Switzerland in their respective size categories. This result is based on feedback from over 34,000 employees surveyed by Great Place to Work® over the past year. A particularly important factor contributing to being named one of the Best Workplaces™ this year was the quality of leadership - in particular, the credibility and role model function of managers played a major role in employee satisfaction. It also showed how valuable a trusting workplace culture is, in which dedication is recognised and valued on a daily basis. In this connection, Hilti Aktiengesellschaft & Hilti Befestigungstechnik was honoured with the Swibeco Benefits Award for its wide range of attractive employee benefits. 

The employers recognized as Best Workplaces™ in 2022

On May 10th 2022, we awarded the Best Workplaces™ in Switzerland for the 14th time. This year's award ceremony was again held at Kaufleuten Zurich for the first time since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. We unveiled the rankings live in front of almost 250 guests and then toasted to their success at the after-party. In the category of large companies (250+ employees), UMB AG took 1st place; in fact, this is already the 5th time they are ranked number 1! In the category of medium-sized companies (50-249 employees), Spitex Malters came in first in the Best Workplaces™ 2022. With a lot of heart and soul and outstanding results, the healthcare organisation made it into the Best Workplaces™ ranking for the first time and also directly to the top of the podium. In the category of small companies (20-49 employees), Alnylam defends their title, this year for the 2nd time in a row. This year, four organisations have joined the ranks of the Best Workplaces™ #Legends as they are participating for the 5th time in 2022: DHL Express (Schweiz) AG, Q_PERIOR, Selexis S.A. and UMB AG.

In total, 51 organisations were recognised by their employees for their outstanding workplace culture - 9 organisations in the Small category (20-49 employees), 27 organisations in the Medium category (50-249 employees) and 15 in the Large category (250+ employees). Congratulations to all organisations on this incredible achievement!

What it takes to be one of the Best Workplaces™

A great employer succeeds in creating an environment in which employees can sustainably develop their potential. The basis for this is, above all, a high degree of trust, achieved through lived values and leadership quality. 

In this context, questions regarding the role of managers in particular have become more important, while at the same time the expectations placed on managers have also increased. For example, the credibility and role model function of managers was a key success factor for employee satisfaction. "Managers are easy to approach and talk to" got an 87% agreement among Best Workplaces™ this year. This is 4 percentage points more than last year and 22 percentage points more than we see for the average of all employees in Switzerland.

Leadership dimensions BW22

Cornelia Schättle, Consultant and Co-Owner at Great Place to Work® Switzerland says: «We see a development from a culture of rules to a culture of values. It is no longer flexible enough to meet all the challenges of the modern working world by applying rules. Instead of being the sole decision-makers and knowledge carriers, good managers are increasingly characterised by a coaching and mentoring attitude: They offer employees an opportunity to reflect on themselves, delegate responsibility, support the development of competences and at the same time take on an important role as a role model for the values of an organisation. And they can only do this with a trust-based workplace culture»

How excellent employers have managed to be among the best for so many years


A trusting culture in which all employees can develop their full potential does not emerge overnight. It has to be created, built and then, above all, nurtured. So how do organisations manage to ensure the long-term satisfaction of their employees and keep the workplace culture consistently at such a high level? Hear from the organisations themselves what makes their culture so special and why they have been among the Best Workplaces™ in Switzerland for so many years.

AbbVie AG (Zum 8. Mal einer der Best Workplaces™)

AbbVie bw quotes blog post2

«The most important behavior is one that’s based on trust. You can’t win or postpone trust for later. Either you can rely on each other, or you can’t. There is nothing in between. Only in a culture based on trust, people can thrive.»

AMGEN Switzerland AG (Zum 3. Mal einer der Best Workplaces™)

bw quotes blog post13

«We are convinced that our very flexible ways of working as well as our collegial and non-hierarchical collaboration are decisive for our consistently high level of employee satisfaction. Amgen has been one of the Best Workplaces™ for years because we always put the well-being of our employees first, even in difficult times, and we show passion for people. It is important to us to listen carefully to our employees and actively involve them in the further development of our workplace culture.»

DHL Express (Schweiz) AG (Zum 5. Mal einer der Best Workplaces™)

bw quotes blog post14

«We have been working on our workplace culture for over 10 years. For us, our employees come first, which is also reflected in our long-standing focus strategy. Motivated employees are the foundation of our success. We are convinced that everything starts with the great commitment of our employees. Providing our clients with a high quality of service, having loyal clients and operating a profitable network is entirely dependent on our employees. We therefore do our utmost to offer our employees the best possible working and employment conditions that create a motivating working environment for all. We do not limit ourselves to internal factors, but go one step further: we want to be there for our employees, promote their well-being, support them even when it concerns areas outside of work. Because only someone who enjoys coming to work and who is doing well can develop their full potential at work.»

Domicil Bern (Zum 3. Mal einer der Best Workplaces™)

bw quotes blog post15

«Our values are the foundation of our culture. We live appreciation, mindfulness, honesty and reliability in our daily interactions with each other and with our residents and customers. Cheerful serenity, which we also count among our values, is of particular importance. We experience that an encouraging word or a cheerful laugh makes everyday life easier, even in challenging times. 
We experience a great commitment from our employees for our residents and the company. We therefore express our gratitude and appreciation in various ways. Be it with a snack on Labour Day, a surprising gift voucher for all employees in the middle of the year or the joint celebration of service anniversaries. Even new employees experience the values of Domicil on their first day at work, are personally greeted by the CEO and experience interest and appreciation. All these small and large gestures reflect our unifying corporate culture, which is what makes us special.»

Hilti (Zum 8. Mal einer der Best Workplaces™)

bw quotes blog post16

«Our culture has a crucial impact on the satisfaction of our team members. We create a work environment that encourages our employees around the world to take responsibility, support each other and achieve outstanding results in the process. The cultural diversity of our employees, combined with our values, enables us to create a high-performing global team and continuously open up new opportunities for our team members. Open feedback, mutual inspiration and setting new goals together enable us to become more successful together as a global team of 31,000 members. The foundation of our company is a caring and performance-oriented culture that allows all colleagues to contribute to the company's success.»

itnetX (Zum 3. Mal einer der Best Workplaces™)

bw quotes blog post17

«In addition to the services we provide for our customers, our employees are the greatest treasure at itnetX. In recent years, we have worked intensively on our workplace culture and constantly developed as a team. For the past year, we have been living according to our newly defined CEO framework. For us, these three letters do not stand for Chief Executive Officer, but for Customer Employee Orientation. C defines measures through which we work in a customer-oriented way via sales delivery, operations and product development. With E, we are committed to retaining existing employees and attracting new ones. Thanks to long-term investments in relationships with customers and employees, we achieve our "O" as in "Objectives". In this sense, everyone at itnetX is responsible and can feel like a CEO.»

Q_PERIOR AG (Zum 5. Mal einer der Best Workplaces™) 

bw quotes blog post18

«At Q_PERIOR, we have a people-centred culture and do everything we can to ensure that our employees are successful. The consistently excellent results with "Great Place to Work" show that we are succeeding in this. I am very proud of that.»

SAP (Schweiz) AG (Zum 5. Mal einer der Best Workplaces™) 

bw quotes blog post19

«Even it sounds so old school: put the people to the center of all what you do, always strike for an inclusive and diverse environment, and provide flexibility in all relevant areas – workplace, working environment, and working time. We recognize that everyone at SAP contributes to our success, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, etc. To leverage our collective diversity, we are building inclusive processes and structures to encourage behaviors that support the growth and development of all employees. With other words: to be successful, as an individual employee and as well as SAP entirely we need to be great place of work based on our diversity, flexibility, and people centricity.»

Schweizer Berghilfe (Zum 3. Mal einer der BEst Workplaces™)

bw quotes blog post20

«In the professional field, the relevance of "purpose" is constantly gaining significance. Many people are increasingly asking: What is the meaning and purpose of the company? As a non-profit organisation, we can benefit from this. For example, we pay attention to the motivation with which applicants are interested in the job. They have to have a high degree of intrinsic motivation, because as a non-profit organisation we cannot compete with the private sector in terms of monetary incentives. On the other hand, the employees experience directly that their own work opens up new perspectives for the people in the mountains. In addition, we abolished performance bonuses ten years ago, among other things, so as not to displace intrinsic motivation. Instead, we introduced a spontaneous bonus that every employee can give to a colleague. The financial value of this spontaneous bonus of CHF 50 is not in the foreground, but rather the personal gesture that strengthens mutual appreciation in the team and thus team solidarity.» 

SC Johnson Europe (Zum 6. Mal einer der best workplaces™)

bw quotes blog post21

«In my point of view, we are consistently recognized as a Great place to work because since the day we join the team we feel that is our responsibility to contribute to a positive work environment, this is not something that is imposed to us by our top management. At SC Johnson everyone feels welcomed and even more important: we are encouraged to be ourselves, to bring our ideas and contributions, no matter how long you have been working with the company or your role. We have a team of ambassadors, a full calendar of events and celebrations that we collectively propose and organize, so we are a great place to work because we are accountable to create and nurture a positive workplace where we can all enjoy a strong sense of belonging! I’m super proud to be part of this team!»

UMB AG (Zum 5. Mal einer der Best Workplaces™)

bw quotes blog post22 

«UMB has been repeatedly ranked as best employer in Switzerland and is the best Swiss employer in Europe. High employee satisfaction is not simply the sum of the number of holiday weeks, generous further training opportunities, exciting parties or an open information policy: it is the corporate culture that stands above all. Part of the UMB culture is a transparent strategy that is developed and supported together with the team, an inspiring vision and a clear commitment to Great Place to Work, combined with the necessary investments. Every colleague should understand the value of his or her commitment to the overall success of the team and be able to experience appreciation for personal performance again and again. Generous further training is a high priority for us. This not only ensures that we have outstanding know-how, but also enables our colleagues to continue their personal development. Furthermore, we invest a lot of energy in the training of our managers - because experience shows that they have the greatest influence on employee satisfaction.»


These many examples show how workplace culture is having an increasingly strategic impact on organisational decision-making. Do you also want to demonstrate what makes your culture unique?

Join leading organisations and become part of the Best Workplaces™

Ranking of the Best Workplaces™ Switzerland 2022 (Top 3)

Best Large Workplaces™ (250+ Employees)
  1. UMB AG
    Information Technology
    400 Employees

  2. SAP (Schweiz) AG
    Information Technology – Software
    898 Employees

  3. Vebego AG
    Construction, Infrastructure & Real Estate – Property Management
    6000 Employees

Best Medium Workplaces™ (50-249 Employees) 
  1. Spitex Malters
    Health Care
    52 Employees

  2. dbi services
    Information Technology - IT Consulting
    78 Employees

  3. APP Unternehmensberatung
    Professional Services - Consulting – Management
    84 Employees 

Best Small Workplaces™ (20-49 Employees)  
  1. Alnylam Switzerland GmbH
    Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
    37 Employees

  2. Hilton
    Hospitality – Hotel/Resort
    41 Employees

  3. Digital Luxury Group, DLG SA
    Professional Services – Advertising and Marketing
    32 Employees 


Here you can find the complete ranking of the Best Workplaces™ in Switzerland 2022

Swibeco Benefits Award

The Corona crisis and the associated difficulties posed many challenges for the organisations and for the staff. Rapid adjustments in an uncertain environment required a lot of flexibility on all sides and often led to increased workload. Here, the value of a trusting workplace culture, in which special efforts are recognised and valued, became particularly apparent. Benefits for employees are one way to show appreciation for their daily efforts.

Together with Swibeco AG, an expert in employee benefits, we would like to award the "Swibeco Benefits Award" 2022 to an organisation that stands out with its wide range of attractive fringe benefits and thus significantly increases the purchasing power of its employees.  

Manufactory & Production - Machinery & Equipment

1985 Employees


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