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The Best Workplaces in Switzerland 2020

UMB, AbbVie and CSP are the best workplaces in Switzerland in their respective categories. This result is based on feedback from over 17,000 employees surveyed by Great Place to Work. 4 out of 5 employees would recommend these companies to their friends and acquaintances.

For the 12th time already, we have awarded the "Best Workplaces in Switzerland". However, this was the first time that this was not a festive event, but purely virtual due to the Corona crisis. This year, more than 200 companies took part in the independent analysis of their workplace culture - but only 46 made it onto the list of the best.

Among large companies with more than 250 employees, UMB is the winner. The company has already emerged as a winner in the middle category in 2016 and 2018. AbbVie, too, has long been one of the best employers and has won an annual award in the middle category (50-249 employees) since 2015. This year it has now reached victory. In 2017, CSP AG Competence Solutions Project still had to admit defeat in the small companies up to 49 employees, this year they are at the top of the podium.

In addition to well-known brands such as Digitec Galaxus, IWC Schaffhausen, Sunrise, SAP and DHL, many Swiss SMEs are among the award-winning employers. For them, an outstanding workplace culture is an important tool in the fight for the best talents in the face of the shortage of skilled workers and demographic change.

What it takes to be one of the best employers

A great employer knows how to develop the potential of its employees in a sustainable manner. The basis for this is, above all, a high degree of trust, achieved by lived values and leadership quality. Even though these aspects are individual to each company, overarching trends and best practices can be identified. At the same time, it shows where the biggest differences to an average employer lie:

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Employees want to be involved in decisions which is a sign of appreciation. Agile companies do not claim that top management has all the solutions at hand. Rather, they place great trust in their employees and motivate them to contribute their own ideas. Leah Martorelli, consultant at Great Place to Work Switzerland, explains how UMB, for example, does this: "UMB has created a portal where every colleague can easily publish and publicize their own idea and thus participate in the further development of the company: If an innovation, a suggestion, is convincing, the colleague can simply assign a "like". Everyone who publishes an innovation should not only be the supplier of the idea, but should also be allowed and encouraged to actively participate in its implementation. »

Meaningfulness at work and pride in the company are also becoming increasingly important drivers of employee satisfaction. Dr. Thomas Schneider, consultant and co-owner of Great Place to Work Switzerland, cites the pharmaceutical company AbbVie as an example: "The treatment of advanced Parkinson's disease is a major challenge. That's why it's important for AbbVie to celebrate each and every patient whose treatment has improved their quality of life. At the beginning of each month, a ship's bell will therefore be rung to announce the pleasing number of new patients. Every bell ringing in the cafeteria means an improvement in the quality of life of a Parkinson's patient through AbbVie therapy. This signalling should accompany the employees until the end of the year and show that AbbVie is doing good month after month and that behind every chime there is excellent teamwork. »

APP Unternehmensberatung, ranked third among medium-sized companies, also relies on the involvement of its employees, as consultant Christine Meyenhofer from Great Place to Work Switzerland knows: "At the annual three-day future seminar, employees participate in the further development of values, vision and corporate policy, among other things. Although it would be less time-consuming to involve only management in this process, the participatory approach chosen offers clear added value because the content developed is more broadly based.»

Ranking of the Best Workplaces in Switzerland 2020

Large companies (250+ employees)


Information and telecommunications technology
342 employees


DHL Express (Schweiz) AG
Transportation & Freight - freight transport and freight
1280 employees


AWK Group AG
Information and telecommunications technology
320 employees



Medium-sized companies (50-249 employees) 


AbbVie AG
Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry - Biotechnology
165 employees


Amgen Switzerland AG
Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry
79 employees


APP Unternehmensberatung AG
Services - Consulting - Management
84 employees



Small companies (20-49 employees) 


CSP AG Competence Solutions Projects
Services - Consulting - Management
33 employees


Hospitality - Hotel & Resorts
43 employees


Steinmann & Partner GmbH
21 employees



Here you will find the complete list of the Best Employers in Switzerland 2020!

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