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The Best Workplaces™ in Switzerland 2021

CiscoAbbVie und Alnylam are the Best Workplaces™ in Switzerland in their respective categories. This result is based on the feedback of more than 16,000 employees who were surveyed by Great Place to Work® over the past year. The winners particularly stand out for their leadership quality, trust and innovative strength.This year, a special award for Bold Leadership in the Corona Crisis was presented to Sensirion AGSchweizer Salinen AG and Greenliff AG.  SAP (Schweiz) AG was also honoured with the Swibeco Benefits Award.

As in the previous year, the 13th edition of the Best Workplaces™ Switzerland Awards took place virtually due to current regulations. But there was no less celebration – in total, almost 1000 viewers were there live as Great Place to Work® announced the best employers in Switzerland in each category.

With Cisco, a company that has been one of the Best Workplaces™  for many years – both in Switzerland and worldwide - tops the Large (250+ employees) category. AbbVie has long been given top marks by its employees and has been awarded in the medium category (50-249 employees) every year since 2015. Now, for the second year in a row, AbbVie achieved first place.  Alnylam has already managed to grab a position as one of the Best Small Workplaces™ in Switzerland (20-49 employees) for the past two years. This year, they even made it to the top of the podium.

Altogether 45 organisations were awarded - 13 organisations in the category Small (20-49 employees), 17 organisations in the category Medium (50-249 employees) and 15 in the category Large (250+ employees). Congratulations to all organisations for this incredible achievement!

What it takes to be one of the Best Workplaces™

A Best Workplace™ understands to foster an environment in which employees can unfold their potential over the long term. Above all, the basis for this is a high degree of trust, achieved through lived values and leadership quality. Each organisation can shape these aspects in a very individual way. We therefore invite you to hear from the organisations themselves what makes their workplace culture special and why they are among the Best Workplaces™ in Switzerland:



Although these aspects are individual to each company, overarching trends and best practices can be identified. For example, it can be shown in which areas the Best Workplaces™ in Switzerland particularly stand out from the Swiss average, how churn rates compare and what it takes to be among the top 3 Best Workplaces™. Find out what the data reveal about the Best Workplaces™ in Switzerland in our blog article, which will be published at the beginning of next week.

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Ranking of the Best Workplaces Switzerland™ 2021

Best Large Workplaces™ (250+ employees)


1.          Cisco
             Information and Communication Technology
             362 employees

2.          Sensirion AG
             Manufacturing & Production / Electronics
             701 employees

3.          SAP (Schweiz) AG
             Information and Communication Technology / Software
             844 employees

Best Medium Workplaces™ (50-249 employees)


1.          AbbVie AG
            Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
            210 employees

 2.         Amgen European Hub
             Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
             214 employees

3.          Trek Fahrrrad GmbH
              65 employees

Best Small Workplaces™ 2021 (20-49 employees)


1.          Alnylam Switzerland GmbH
            Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
            35 employees

2.          Holle baby food AG
             Manufacturing & Production / Food products
             48 employees

3.          SFL Regulatory Affairs & Scientific Communication GmbH
             Professional Services
             32 employees


Here you can find the complete ranking of the Best Workplaces™ Switzerland 2021


Special Prize for Bold Leadership in the Corona crisis

Covid has not only affected our personal lives and social environment, but has also changed the way we work with each other: Organisations had to take important decisions under time pressure all while putting the health and well-being of all employees first. This year, we therefore awarded a special prize to organisations who have stood out and managed to show Bold Leadership even in difficult times. One organisation per size category was awarded. These are the winners of this special award:


Large                Sensirion AG
                           Manufacturing & Production / Electronics
                           701 employees

Medium          Schweizer Salinen AG
                           Manufacturing & Production / Food products
                           247 employees

Small                Greenliff AG
                           Information Technology / Software
                           24 employees


Swibeco Benefits Award

Covid was really disruptive for almost everyone. One area that was heavily affected, even among the Best Workplaces™ in Switzerland, is employee salaries. Most organisations were not financially able to increase salaries this year. Yet another way to show appreciation to employees without increasing salaries is to offer fringe benefits.

So Swibeco, an expert in employee benefits, has teamed up with us to create a special award to honour efforts in this regard. The first Swibeco Benefits Award will be presented to:


SAP (Schweiz) AG
Information and Communication Technology / Software
844 employees


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